Recycling Services

We value the importance of recycling to the environment and recycle 90% of all waste.

We are specialists in recycling and waste segregation and have our own facility to maximise recycling and manage hazardous waste. Our aim is the best recycling rates of any skip company in Sussex.

Sussex Skips really values the importance of recycling to the environment.

All waste collected is brought into our waste transfer facility where it is taken through a process to separate the recyclable materials utilising our state of the art equipment.

Occasionally we have items that we are unable to recycle, however we transfer these to specialist recycling depots.

We are one of the leading Skip Companies in Sussex providing the best percentage of recycled materials possible.

It is possible to take a tour of our recycling centre. Please call us for further information.

We aim to recycle at our Recycling Centre all of the following ensuring that waste to landfill is minimised.

  • Soil

  • Ceramic

  • Bricks

  • Wood

  • Cardboard

  • Paper

  • Plastic

  • Metal

  • PVC